6' Water Walking Balls!

WAT-WB2M - Inflatable Water Walkerz Water Walking Balls Human Hamster Balls.
Supplied By : Bounce Time Inflatables
Model no: WAT-WB2M

Size: 6' or 2M

The water balls or dance balls have enough breathable air volume inside the sphere, for a normal person to remain inside for around 20 minutes, without the need to refill it with fresh air. It can be used on water as a game or amusement device. Which allow the  rider inside the internal ball, It's a safe, fun and exciting experience  for all ages. You can walk on the water!


Waterballs/Danceballs are a blast for kids! While riding inside of the balls, you can walk or actually, run on the  water, that is... With a little practice. A really great way to practice to have good balance, and the trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball, as you lean forward and walk fast or  run... Soon you'll be" water walking" in no time!



Other Info

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes

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