Super Slide™ (37') Dual Slide

Supplied By : NFLATABLES
Model no: S440101

Captured Air Support (CAS) System  (U.S. Patent #7,300,354)

The USCPSC has a mandatory requirement for inflatable slides:  “Inflatable rides need a sealed chamber to prevent the rapid collapse of ceiling and walls onto the rider if the electric power to the blower(s) fails.”   Such sealed chambers didn’t even exist... that is, until we invented it!  Slides without CAS will deflate rapidly after 5-minutes of air-loss, but a slide with CAS remains firm, even after 5 minutes of air-loss!


Width 24' | 7.32m
Length 51'6" | 15.7m
Height 37' | 11.27m
Weight 900.00 lbs

Other Info

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Blowers 2 (1.5 HP) *not included unless otherwise indicate

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